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Totally Twisted Donut Hand Pipe Promotion Pack

Totally Twisted Donut Hand Pipe Promotion Pack

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Smoker’s Gift Shop is an online head shop that has grown from our love for unique glass and smoking accessories.  Having originally created The Breakfast Bowl brand, we have built so many great relationships with production glass companies and individual artists.  We are passionate about sharing those products with other smokers, while providing quality service and affordable prices.

We'd like to offer you a choice of our Totally Twisted Donut Handpipe for you to unbox and review.

It takes some practice to pull off a twisted donut, to add fume or patterns totally changes the game.

We love these Totally Twisted Donut Pipes for their look and durability, but also because we can offer them at a really great prices.

The fume in these pipes changes colors as you use it.  The twisted donut shape, traps ash adding function to the beauty.  

All of this, and good looking?  Maybe it’s too much to be true?  We can’t wait to hear what you think.  Please make sure to give us some feedback. 

Length: 5 inches approx.

Width: 2 inches approx

Bowl: Very Large

Weight: 125g

* All pipes are individually hand blow. Sizes, weight, patterns, and color shades will vary among the pieces.