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Stand-up Spiral Hand Pipe Gift Pack

Stand-up Spiral Hand Pipe Gift Pack

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These LARGE bowled, stand up handpipes are something special.  The unique shape and vivid colors are not the best part though.  These pipes have multi holes in the bowl.  This dramatically increases the airflow through the pipe head and keeps the cherry on your product hotter, reducing the harshness and increasing the flavor of your smoke.  This pipe also has a unique push back into the mouthpiece to reduce the flow of ash out of the mouthpiece.  Our goal is to provide unique, full featured hand pipes at an affordable price.  This pipe does just that.  You could give it as a gift, but you should consider one for yourself as well.

Silicone Honey Pot and Silicone Stash and Go band  comes in this gift pack along with a hemp drawstring bag for easy stashing.

Length: 4 3/4in

Spoon: 2 in

Bowl: Extra Large

Weight: 150g