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Fumed Donut Spoon Pipe Gift Pack

Fumed Donut Spoon Pipe Gift Pack

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Multi Hole Fumed Donut Spoon Pipe.

This silver fumed glass pipe has three holes to increase the overall airflow, reducing the changes of clogging the bowl and greatly improves hits when "cornering" a bowl.  The donut feature acts as an ash catcher keeping your hit smooth. Just under 5" long, with a carb on the left side, this solid pipe will change colors with use. #keepingitglassy 

We are including your choice of our Ash, Cache and Stash Tray

Our unique silicone ashtray comes with a glass spike to clean your bowls that fits snugly in a 10mm hold along with 14mm and 18mm holders for Standard Glass Joints.  Great for your banger and cap, or to hold a couple of slides and debowl your pipe. It’s approximately 4 1/2 in diameter and weighs only 5 oz.  Our Exclusive Signature Gift Series Ash, Cache and Stash Tray is every smoker's friend.

Silicone Stash and Go Band (colors vary) will keep your bowl covered. Also includes a sticker pack, Hemp wick and pipe cleaners.