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Signature Series Multi Hole Hand Pipe

Signature Series Multi Hole Hand Pipe

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Your choice from our multi-holed signature series hand pipe, Ice or Thorn.  These hand pipes are rich in features, function, and design.

We have adopted the unique "Z" pipe design and sandblasted it for a rich finish.  But this pipe is not just beautiful, it is highly functional with multi holes in the bowl and ash control built into the mouthpiece.

The multi holes allow for better airflow into the pipe, but also greatly improve hits when using the "cornering" method.  We feel like multi-holes is a must-have.  You’ll see a lot of this from the pipes we release in our Signature Gift Series

The other really unique thing about this pipe is the extra “push back” into the mouthpiece.  This changes the flow of the air through the mouthpiece and will reduce the amount of ash that passes through. 

All of this, and good-looking?  Maybe it’s too much to be true?  We can’t wait to hear what you think.  Please make sure to give us some feedback. 

Length: 5 3/4in

Bowl: Medium

Spoon: 2 1/4in

Weight: 79g