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Group Administrator Promotion Pack

Group Administrator Promotion Pack

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We participate in a lot of Groups across various Social Media Platforms and appreciate the avenue it gives members to be themselves among their peers.  We'd like to add to, and give back to, the community by offering unique promotion packs you can use to help promote your Group.  

Smoker’s Gift Shop is an online head shop that has grown from our love for unique glass and smoking accessories.  Having originally created The Breakfast Bowl brand, we have built so many great relationships with production glass companies and individual artists.  We are passionate about sharing those products with other smokers, while providing quality service and affordable prices.

This month we are offering your choice of colors of our Stand Up Spiral Hand Pipe.  It is a unique handpipe that stands up, it has multi holes in the bowl, and also includes a built in ash-catcher in the mouthpiece.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for some) the shape when it stands up is a little “provocative”, but I do like that the flower stays in the bowl, even when the pipe is standing up.

Having multi holes in the bowl, increases air flow through the bowl and greatly improves the flavor of your hit.  It also burns nicer when cornering a bowl.  We feel like multi holes is a must have.  You’ll see a lot of this from our products.

The other really unique thing about this pipe is extra “push back” into the mouthpiece.  This changes the flow of the air through the mouthpiece and will reduce the amount of ash that passes through.

All of this, and good looking?  Maybe it’s too much to be true?  We can’t wait to hear what you think.  Please make sure to give us some feedback.

We hope you enjoy the gift.  Thank you for all you do for the community.