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Cereal Bowl Pipe

Cereal Bowl Pipe in Green w/ Silicone Accessory Set

Cereal Bowl Pipe in Green w/ Silicone Accessory Set

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This Cereal Bowl is also water pipe.  It can hold up to two cups of cereal, has  14mm joint for a mouthpiece and a 18mm joint for a bowl piece.   With an inline percolator in the chamber, this cereal bowl pipe makes smooth easy smoke.

We have matched this with a Nectar Collector from Waxmaid and a special adapter so you can use your nectar collector as a mouthpiece for the bowl as well.

Dabs to get you going.  Snacks and Flower smoking to keep the night rolling.  This forced collab is certain to make your next sesh.  Supplies are limited.  Better get yours today.

Package include:

Glass Cereal Bowl Pipe (approx 7 1/2" Long x 6" wide x 4" tall.

Your choice of Silicone Accessory Kit for mouthpiece and slide.

   =>  10mm Titanium Nail

   => Mouthpiece for Nectar Collector

   => Silicone Slide with Glass Multi Hole Bowl

Note: These pipes are hand blown and can come with some significant differences and irregularities in shape.