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Baby Yoda Handpipe Pipe

Baby Yoda Handpipe Pipe

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  • 4.5" long. 
  • Shaped just like The Child, Grogu, from the hit series The Mandalorian. 
  • Built in dab stash jar and poker. 
  • Includes glass bowl for great taste from your herbs. 

It's Baby Yoda from the hit series The Madalorian, now in an awesome silicone pipe!

This cute little hand pipe looks like baby Yoda from one side, complete with his swathed clothes; but turn it over to find it's a cool hand pipe.

The replaceable glass filter bowl at the top gives your herbs a clean taste, and the whole pipe can be pulled apart for easy cleaning. If herbs aren't your preference, use the built-in stash jar to store dabs and waxes to enjoy instead! The glass bowl works just like a quartz banger, and the silicone body can withstand the heat of torches.

This silicone Baby Yoda with glass bowl and poker is the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan!