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Silicone Dab Mat (15.5 cm)

Silicone Dab Mat (15.5 cm)

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Round Silicone Wax Dab Mat,made of food-grade silicone material, non-toxic and BPA free, Tasteless, non-corrosive, environmental and scientific.

This product can be applied to a lot of places just like ordinary mat or pad products. However, the material it uses is different from mat or pad products.

Most of the ordinary mats or pad products are directly made of wood or pure silicone material, and some of our mats are made of silicone material, while the other part is made of glass fiber wire with good toughness. This glass fiber thread is also a non-toxic and harmless material. This material is added to the production of the product. It is designed on the mat in the form of alternating grids.

The mat made of these two materials is very durable, soft and flexible, not easy to break, even if you want to tear it by hand, it is difficult to do, which is the advantage of glass fiber.