Valentines Special Showerhead Perc Beaker with 29mm Downstem

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We’ve put together a one of a kind beaker for you and your Valentine. This package includes our Signature Series Shower Beaker,  1 red silicone mouthpiece with black cyclops eye slide, 1 pink silicone mouthpiece with a pink flower slide. We’ve also added our signature series blue mouthpiece and clear slide just because...why not? Black silicone band for the bottom and matching cleaning covers  AND, our Rose scented candle in a beautiful jar with wooden lid. Perfect for your Valentines Day sesh with your special someone(s). (I mean, it does come with 3 mouthpiece and slide sets)

Beaker stats:

Height: 10 in

Total width: 8 in

Base: 5 in

Weight: 705g

Thickness:  5mm

Bowl Joint Size: 18mm

Downstem: 29mm

Mouthpiece size: 18mm

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